Fakey Pattern” in Forex Trading: Understanding the Basics

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What is the Fakey Pattern in Forex?

In forex trading, the fakey pattern is a strategy used to determine short-term price direction. It is created when a false break of an inside bar structure forms, signaling a potential change in the direction of the trend. This pattern begins when price moves in one direction, then quickly reverses to form a false breakout. It is usually marked by a relatively large candle, and is commonly used to indicate a potential trend reversal.

How to use Fakey Pattern in Forex?

The fakey pattern can be used as a trading signal to identify potential turning points in the market. The false breakout from the inside bar suggests a potential reversal of the current trend. Traders often enter positions either before the false breakout or after the false breakout occurs, depending on the direction of the trade. After entering a position, traders typically place a stop loss to minimize any potential losses if the trade does not move in their favor.

Advantages of Fakey Pattern

There are several advantages to using the fakey pattern in forex trading. Firstly, it can be used to identify potential reversals of trend. Since the false breakout from the inside bar structure is often seen as a sign of potential trend reversal, traders can use the fakey pattern to identify these potential opportunities. Secondly, the fakey pattern can be used as a momentum trading signal. As false breakouts can often lead to strong moves in price, traders can enter short term trades in the direction of the false breakout.

Finally, the fakey pattern can provide traders with a way to manage risk. By placing a stop loss at a predefined level, traders can minimize their exposure to potential losses if the trade does not move in their favor.


The fakey pattern is a useful tool for traders in the forex market. It allows traders to identify potential reversals in price direction and provides a way to manage risk, making it an important tool for any successful trading strategy. By understanding how to recognize and respond to the fakey pattern, traders can improve their chances of success in the forex market. I recently purchased a Fakey pattern, and I was very pleased with the quality and detail of the instructions. The instructions were very easy to follow and the diagrams were very helpful in guiding me through the process. The finished product was very satisfying to create and the outcome was exactly in line with what I envisioned. There were several variations available with the Fakey pattern so I was able to pick the one that best suited my taste and size requirements. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend the product to anyone looking to find a detailed, high-quality pattern.

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