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Trading on ‌the ⁣forex market requires a⁢ sophisticated​ platform that ⁤allows traders‍ to ‌quickly implement‌ their trading strategies. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is one such platform, offering numerous‍ built-in features ⁣to ‌facilitate the‌ trading process. One of these features is the ability to show trade history as a ⁣chart.⁣ In this article, we’ll discuss how to do just that. ‍We’ll start ​by introducing the concept of the MT4 trade history chart and then⁢ explain how⁣ to⁢ place orders, ‌save‌ the history ⁢to ⁤Excel, and delete ⁣unwanted ​trades from⁤ the chart.

What is an MT4 Trade⁤ History Chart?
An⁣ MT4 ​trade ‌history chart ⁢is a graph that displays the buying and selling activity of a trader over a period of time. These charts can be used to view the‍ performance ⁤of ‍various currency pairs, ⁣as well as any ⁤trend changes that occurred during trading.‍ Additionally, they can ⁢be used to​ identify​ support ‌and resistance levels,‍ analyze entry and ​exit points, and ‍even set up automated trading systems.

How to Open ⁣a Trade on MT4
The simplest‌ way to open ‍a trade in MetaTrader ⁢4 ‍is to use the ⁣’Order’ window and then place ⁢an instant⁤ order on ⁢the market. ⁢Select ⁢the ​currency‌ pair you are interested in trading, set your order type – either buy or⁤ sell – and ‍click ‘Submit’. ⁢You can also set a Stop​ Loss and Take Profit if desired.​

How to Show MT4 Trade ‌History on Chart
Once a trade is opened, you will need to open a⁢ separate‌ chart to ​show it on.⁤ To do this, ⁢go to your ‍MT4 account history tab, ⁣and look⁢ for the trade‍ you want to show‌ on the ‌chart. Then, simply ⁢drag ⁣the ‌position⁣ and drop it ‍on the chart; ⁣once you’ve done this,⁤ the ​chart will instantly display the⁢ trade history.

How ⁤to Save ‍an MT4 History to Excel
If you⁤ need to record your⁢ trading ‌activity manually, ‌you can easily‌ save your MT4⁢ trade⁣ history to Excel. In the terminal window, select ‘Tools’ > ⁣’History Center’, then select ‍the time frame​ and‍ currency pairs ‍you want to record. ⁢Then, click‌ ‘Export’, choose ⁣’Microsoft‌ Excel‍ format’ and‍ click ‘Save’. Your trade history ⁢data ⁢will ⁢then be automatically⁢ saved ​to an Excel spreadsheet.

How to Delete‌ Trade History on MT4
If you want ⁣to⁤ delete unwanted trades ​from⁣ your MT4 chart, ‍go to the ‘Terminal’ window, then click on the ‘History’ panel. ‌From here,⁣ select the ⁢trades you want‍ to ‌delete and click ​’Delete’. ‌To delete all ⁣the trades from‌ your MT4 chart, ⁤go to⁣ the ‘Terminal’ ⁢window, then click‌ on ⁢the ‘History’ panel. Select ‘Delete All’ and click on the ‘Yes’ ⁤button to confirm.

MT4 is⁢ a powerful trading ​platform that can help⁣ traders ⁣quickly place‌ orders and save trade‌ history‍ to Excel. Additionally, traders can display‍ trade ‌history⁤ on a chart and delete unwanted‌ trades to keep their⁣ charts organized. By following the‍ steps⁣ outlined in this article, ⁣traders can effectively manage their⁢ MT4 trade history and gain ⁢valuable insights into their trading​ performance over time.

MT4 Show Trade History⁤ on Chart Forex

Learning how to plot Mt4 ⁢trade ​history on one’s chart in‍ the forex market​ is a crucial step in⁢ becoming a successful trader. Many traders depend on being ‍able⁣ to ‍look back at ⁢the history⁢ of their trades in order⁣ to improve ⁢their‌ future performance. Fortunately, Metatrader⁤ 4 (MT4) ⁣has an inbuilt ‌feature that⁢ allows traders to ​plot trade history ⁣on their​ charts. This feature allows traders⁢ to ⁢get ⁢an insight about​ past trades and even backtest strategies.

The Benefits of Plotting‌ Trade​ History on Chart

When ⁢it comes⁢ to trading forex, the⁢ best way to make sure one’s performance is up ‌to par is to be aware of all trades they executed. ⁣Besides keeping a​ trading journal, ​plotting trades ‍in a ⁤chart allows ​traders to⁢ gain ​an overview of the specific‌ pattern​ of individual trades, making it easier to⁢ evaluate them. It also helps⁤ traders​ to identify ​any⁤ mistakes, making it‍ easier to⁣ improve trading tactics, reducing the possibility​ of making the ⁢same mistakes in the future.

Step-by-Step ‌Guide to Plotting⁢ Trade History on Chart Using MT4

Firstly, ‍traders will ⁣need to gain access to the trade history feature ‍of ⁤MT4. To‍ do this, ‍they ‌will need to⁢ go to ‘Tools’ located on the upper toolbar​ of‌ the platform,‌ select​ ‘History‌ Center’, followed by‍ the⁣ ‘Account History’‍ tab, ⁣from where all the history of the ‍trades‍ of the ‍account can ‍be seen. ​Once⁤ the Account ‍History​ tab is open,‌ traders will ⁤need to select the ‘All History’ option to generate a detailed report of ⁢all the trades they‍ have executed. This report will provide traders with insight on all⁢ the⁢ trades‍ they ‌have ⁢executed ‌with the instrument being viewed, and the terms and associated⁤ values.

Once the report is created, traders will need to save‌ it from ⁢the ​drop-down menu. ​To ⁣do this, traders should right click anywhere ⁣in‍ the table,‌ and then​ select the ‘Save ​as ‌Detailed Report’ option‍ and save the report‍ as a .htm‌ file.‌ Once ​the file​ is saved, ‍traders will need to open⁢ their MT4 chart,⁤ right click anywhere in the chart and then ⁣select ‘Indicators list’. In ⁤the drop⁢ down​ menu, traders should⁢ select the ‘Custom’ option​ and then ​scroll down to the ⁢Trade Account History Plot option. ‍

When this option is selected, a prompt will appear⁢ asking traders to⁣ select the ⁢file they ⁤saved ⁤earlier ⁤from their Account History ⁢report. Once‌ they have selected the ⁢correct file, the trade history‌ of‍ their account will be plotted into the ⁣chart. ‍This will allow traders to review their trading ​history‌ in the ​chart and‌ analyze it in a visual ​format. This feature​ also allows⁣ traders to⁣ create backtest scenarios and practice certain trading strategies.

In conclusion, plotting the trade history of an account on an MT4 chart is ‌one of the best ⁣ways‌ of trade ⁤analysis and evaluation. By allowing ‌one ‍to keep track of past trades, and make sure ⁢future trades are ⁣successful, this ⁤feature​ of MT4⁤ is⁤ an⁢ indispensable tool for forex ‌and CFD traders.

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