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ForexRobotEasy is a family of trading robots specifically designed for forex trading. These automated systems provide traders with a wide range of tools and strategies for efficient and profitable trading. In this review, we will look at each of the versions of ForexRobotEasy: Trendopedia, Breakopedia and Scalperology, and find out what their features and advantages are.

 Trendopedia: Tick Pattern Strategy

The Trendopedia version of ForexRobotEasy is a powerful trading robot focused on analyzing tick patterns in the forex market. Its key feature is its accurate analysis of the current trend direction, which makes it an ideal tool for traders who prefer trend trading strategies.

Key features of Trendopedia:

Accuracy of analysis: This robot has outstanding accuracy in determining trend direction, allowing traders to make more informed decisions about entering and exiting the market.

Adaptability: Trendopedia is able to adapt to different market conditions, making it suitable for different currency pairs and time frames.

Risk minimization: The robot provides risk management capabilities, which helps traders to preserve capital and adhere to strict money management rules.

Compatibility: Trendopedia is compatible with popular trading platforms including MT4 and MT5.

Breakopedia: Breakout Strategy

The Breakopedia version of ForexRobotEasy specializes in Forex breakout strategy. This robot is designed to identify the moments when price breaks through the boundaries of previous levels and use them in trading.

Breakopedia main features:

Finding breakout moments: The robot identifies key support and resistance levels and tracks the moments when price breaks through these levels.

Order Management System: Breakopedia provides the ability to build effective order and risk management strategies.

Multiple settings: The robot allows you to customize various parameters to adapt it to individual trader’s needs.

Compatibility: Breakopedia is compatible with MT4 and MT5 for ease of use.

Scalperology: Scalping Strategy

The Scalperology version of ForexRobotEasy focuses on the scalping strategy, which involves a lot of short and fast trades with small profits but high trading frequency. This version is suitable for traders looking for fast order execution.

Main features of Scalperology:

Scalping: The robot executes many scalping trades within short time frames.

Fast execution: Scalperology is designed to execute trades quickly and accurately, which is important for scalpers.

Risk Management: The robot allows traders to customize risk management settings and profit and loss limits.

Compatibility: Scalperology is compatible with both MT4 and MT5, providing a wide range of trading platforms.


Market conditions can change dramatically and it is important for traders to have tools that can adapt to different scenarios. Forexroboteasy has algorithms that can detect changes in the market and respond appropriately. This allows you to reduce risks and improve trading results in a variety of market conditions.

By analyzing the market in real time, the robot automatically adapts its strategies to the current situation. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, volatile or stable, Forexroboteasy can adapt to maximize possible profits and minimize potential losses.

This is especially important in today’s environment where the forex market is subject to a multitude of external influences including news, events and macroeconomic factors. These factors can cause rapid and dramatic changes in the market, and traders need to have reliable tools to effectively manage their positions.

Forexroboteasy also provides the ability to customize settings to fit your own strategies and risks. This gives traders additional control over their trading operations and allows them to build strategies to suit their unique needs.


In conclusion, each version of ForexRobotEasy is a powerful tool for traders, providing a variety of strategies and tools for effective forex trading. Regardless of your trading style or preferences, you can choose the version that best suits your goals and strategy.

Do not forget the importance of thoroughly testing and customizing your robot before using it on live accounts, as well as the importance of caution when trading in the forex market, which always involves financial risks. ForexRobotEasy provides a powerful tool, but successful trading always depends on your knowledge, experience and risk management.

The choice of robot version should be deliberate and in line with your goals in the market. Each version has its own features and benefits, so careful research and customization to your needs is required. Regardless of your choice, remember the importance of continuous learning and analyzing the market to stay abreast of current events and changes.

With ForexRobotEasy you have the opportunity to automate your trading and improve its efficiency, but the key factor is always your competence and ability to adapt to market changes. Always remember that Forex trading involves risks, and managing these risks responsibly is the key to your success in this exciting financial market.

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