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The Advanced TD REI (Tailor-made Dynamic Range Expansion Indicator) is an easy-to-use forex trading indicator created by Mladen Rakic (also known as Mladen). This indicator is designed to filter false signals to improve traders’ profits when the price is quoted in a strong trend. The TD-REI indicator has been updated to incorporate the support and resistance trends of the market, and it has proven to be a reliable trading system among the trader community.

What is TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex?
TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex is an easily optimized trading indicator created by Mladen Rakic. It is designed for use in the forex market and uses market volatility to indicate when to enter a trade. This indicator alerts the trader when a quote is outside the current range of support and resistance and when the price is quoted in a strong trend. This indicator also helps the trader to confirm the signal only if the confidence on the direction of the market is high.

How TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex Works?
The TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex indicator is composed of two parts. The first part is the Tailored Dynamic Range Expansion Indicator (TD-REI) which determines the market trends, including support and resistance signals. The second part is the Confidence Indicator which monitors the strength of the trend by calculating the average absolute deviation (AAD) of the price chart. The confirmation indicator also looks at the last five days of quotes in order to identify trading opportunities.

The Benefits of TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex
The TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex indicator is designed to make trading easier for traders. It provides traders with the ability to detect the signals in the market like support and resistance with ease. The confidence indicator also eliminates any false signals. This indicator also prevents traders from entering the market when the movements are not strong enough to make profits. The indicator is also customizable to meet the trading needs of different traders and optimize their profits.

The TD-REI MQ4 Mladen Forex is a great trading indicator for traders who are looking for reliable forex trading signals. It is also highly user-friendly and provides signals for market support and resistance with confidence. This indicator is highly customizable and enables traders to adjust their trading parameters to meet their trading goals and optimize their profits.

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What is TD-REI MQ4?

TD-REI MQ4 is a free TD indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform. The tool can be used to identify entry points and to assist in the formation of strategies for trading forex with high accuracy. It uses an arithmetically calculated oscillator to detect price reversals. This makes it reliable for trend traders and non-trend traders alike. By helping to identify false breakouts from price ranges and providing a good risk to reward ratio, it can be employed in technical analysis for a variety of short-term purposes.

Learn About Mladen

Mladen is a professional trader and programmer who created the TD-REI MQ4 indicator. He has been interested in foreign exchange and indicator programming for the past 10 years, and he is an active contributor to the forex community. He strives to create high-quality basic indicators that allow traders to set up profitable trades and avoid wrong decisions. His approach to trading is to stay disciplined and follow a long-term strategy. By analyzing the market objectively, he is able to identify trends or price reversals before the average trader.

Using TD-REI MQ4

Unlike many other oscillators, TD-REI MQ4 uses arithmetical calculations to detect price reversals. This makes it especially reliable during false breakouts from ranges, as the oscillator is not disadvantaged by the lower trading activity that usually accompanies false breakouts. The indicator also provides signals at points where the probability of completing a trading move is high, meaning it will often provide a good risk to reward ratio.

The oscillator can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the type and duration of the trader’s strategy. It can be used to identify cost zones and the price action of long-term trends, or short-term target areas and quick scalps. The indicator can also be used in harmonic trading and margin trading to identify high and low points.

When used in conjunction with other indicators, traders will be able to set up high-probability trading strategies that provide a good risk to reward ratio. This means traders have the potential to earn consistent profits from the forex market.


TD-REI MQ4 is a powerful free indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is versatile enough to be used by trend traders, non-trend traders, harmonic traders, and margin traders. This makes it a useful tool for a range of forex strategies. The arithmetically calculated oscillator used by the indicator is reliable for detecting price reversals during false breakouts from ranges and for providing a good risk to reward ratio. Together with other indicators, it can help traders form highly profitable strategies.

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