When Not to Trade in Forex News Time: A Guide

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Forex News Time Scam: An Overview

Forex scams, money schemes and general trading scams are unfortunately commonplace in the market. But of all these, forex news time scams are some of the most dangerous as they prey on unsuspecting traders and can result in major financial ruin. The misconduct of these schemes involves taking advantage of market news, making transactions based on the new information and leaving the investor with a significant loss. This article will explain what to watch for and how to avoid trading during forex news time in order to protect your capital.

Types of News Trading Scams

The Forex news time scam generally revolves around leveraging news announcements which usually occur during peak market trading. These can range from central bank decisions, news updates from government offices and other market events. Based on these announcements, the market will react differently and traders need to understand how to avoid being scammed. The three main types of news trading scams to beware of are:

  • False Events False events are scams in which the scammers advertise nonexistent news events which influence market movements in an unexpected direction.
  • Manipulated Events This type of scam involves the manipulation of real news events and their results so as to only benefit the scammers. This can be done through media manipulation or through forming a ‘spike’ in the market for short-term profits.
  • Unrealistic Promises Unrealistic promises can occur when traders are promised guaranteed profits if they follow a guidelines or strategy. Such unrealistic promises are usually too good to be true and are used to attract victims to the scam.

How to Avoid Forex Scams at News Time

To avoid forex scams at News Time, traders must become aware of the different types of scams occurring in the market and how to spot them. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Analyze the Source: Before trusting the news source, traders must first analyze the source of it. News events from unknown sources should be immediately disregarded as they could potentially be false announcements.
  • Technical Analysis: Technical analysis is the key to success when it comes to news. By studying the trends before the news is released, you can predict how the market will react to it if it does materialize.
  • Understand Risk: With news trading, the risk is always high as the market can move suddenly and you may become victim of a scam. Therefore, always make sure you understand the risk before entering any trade.
  • Set a Stop Loss: Setting a stop loss is a must when trading based on news announcements. By setting a stop loss you ensure that any losses incurred can be kept at a minimum.

There are numerous scams occurring in the forex market, but by being aware and understanding how to trade in the forex news time you can protect yourself from any unscrupulous traders. By implementing the tips highlighted in this article, you can rest assured knowing that you are doing all you can to protect your investments.

What Is Forex News Time Trading?

Forex news time trading is a trading method used by traders to take advantage of news releases and make profits quickly. It involves following the release of market-moving news events that might affect a currency pair’s value. The goal of news time trading is to enter and exit the market quickly and to take advantage of potential breakouts and price developments. Traders can take a long or short position in order to potentially profit from news time-driven events.

As events and news releases can have significant effects on the market, understanding when and what news is being released is important for successful forex news time trading. Depending on the type of news and the potential effects on a currency pair, the effects on certain currency pairs can remain for several days or even months. Being knowledgeable to differentiate between different types of news releases is therefore a key part of successful news trading.

When To Avoid Trading

Although the market can be very volatile during news events, traders should be aware of times when trading should be avoided. If the market is quiet, it can be very difficult for traders to guess how it might react to news and this can lead to huge losses. It is also important to avoid trading during news events when the news is not expected to have a large effect, such as non-market related economic data, as this can also be very difficult to predict.

In addition, traders should be aware of times when the market is significantly overbought or oversold. When a currency pair is outside of its ‘normal’ parameters and it has been overbought or oversold, news events can cause the market to become erratic and it can be difficult to predict reactions. Therefore, it is wise for traders to avoid trading at these times.


Forex news time trading can be very beneficial for those looking to take advantage of news-driven volatility. However, traders should also be aware of when the market is quiet or in a state of being heavily bought or sold, and avoid trading during these times. Understanding this, coupled with correctly predicting the effects of news events can help traders reap large rewards from their news time trading.

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