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mt4 Watermarks and Time: Make Forex Trading Easier”.

6 min read

The MT4 Watermark and Time Forex indicator allows you to note the time and date of a chart’s candle in the window. This allows traders to determine when a candle was formed as well as the exact point in time. This is essential for technical analysis and helps to improve trading decisions. Additionally, the Watermark feature helps to protect traders from unauthorized use of the chart. This helps maintain the security of the data and prevents it from being misused.

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When Not to Trade in Forex News Time: A Guide

5 min read

Forex news time can have a significant impact on the currency markets, and traders need to be aware of these times. While news events are often associated with market volatility, it is inadvisable to trade during these times if the news event is deemed to be unforeseen. These types of events can cause sudden and dramatic swings in currency prices and traders may find it difficult to accurately assess the direction the market will take. As such, it is generally recommended to not trade during unrestrained news releases.