Forex Trading Strategies

Forex News Today: Explore the Latest Market Changes

4 min read

Today’s forex news focused on the latest market trends and developments in the currency markets. Investors had a glimpse of critical economic reports that affected the global currency markets. Traders were keen to monitor the U.S. trade balance and the weekly jobless claims figures for insights into the American economy. Meanwhile, the latest figures on the Eurozone inflation and the Eurozone industrial production had prompted market participants to assess the health of the eurozone’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, investors had watched for updates on the upcoming Brexit negotiations and other vital Brexit events to better comprehend the possible outcomes for the currencies.


The Statement of Cash Flows: Exploring Forex Trading

6 min read


The statement of cash flows, also known as the cash flow statement, is a financial report used to evaluate the performance of a company. It provides information on how cash flows into and out of a business, which helps investors, analysts, managers, and other stakeholders to assess the liquidity of a company. The statement of cash flows is divided into three sections: Operating activities, Investing activities, and Financing activities. Each section provides information and insight on how cash is generated and used within each of the areas. By presenting this information, investors and analysts can gain a better understanding of how a company creates and uses its cash, and make well-informed decisions regarding its financial future.