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Forex News Factory: A Guide to Understanding Currency Market News

5 min read

Forex News Factory is a comprehensive online resource for currency traders. Created by a team of professional Forex traders and market analysts, the website provides up-to-date news, market analysis, trading signals, economic data, and crucial market insight. Their aim is to deliver accurate and valuable information to help traders grow and succeed in the financial markets. With Forex News Factory, traders can stay up to date with major news, technical analysis, and business reports from around the world. They feature live charting tools, signal services, and brokers rankings. They also provide exclusive detailed reports and strategies to maximize profits in the Forex market.

Forex Trading Strategies

Forex News Today: Explore the Latest Market Changes

4 min read

Today’s forex news focused on the latest market trends and developments in the currency markets. Investors had a glimpse of critical economic reports that affected the global currency markets. Traders were keen to monitor the U.S. trade balance and the weekly jobless claims figures for insights into the American economy. Meanwhile, the latest figures on the Eurozone inflation and the Eurozone industrial production had prompted market participants to assess the health of the eurozone’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, investors had watched for updates on the upcoming Brexit negotiations and other vital Brexit events to better comprehend the possible outcomes for the currencies.

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Demand Supply Order Blocks: Forex Trading Explained

4 min read

Demand and Supply Order Blocks in Forex trading are triggered when a certain number of orders of the same type, be it buy or sell, are executed within a certain period of time. This creates an imbalance in the market and typically leads to price movements in the desired direction. In terms of Forex trading, demand and supply order blocks provide traders with an opportunity to take advantage of the imbalances in the market and capitalize on short-term price movements. Traders are able to enter and exit the market quickly in order to make fast profits.

Forex Trading Strategies

High Impact Forex News List: A Comprehensive Guide

7 min read

High Impact Forex News lists are an invaluable tool for traders looking to stay on top of global market events. These lists provide the most important news events in a given period, allowing traders to analyse the currency markets and make decisions accordingly. With key information at their fingertips such as upcoming central bank meetings, interest rate decision and economic data releases, traders can use these events to set their trading strategies and adjust their investment decisions accordingly. High Impact Forex News lists provide traders with an essential tool to take advantage of fast-moving markets and capitalize on price movements due to news items.


Where to Include Loan on Annual Income Statement

6 min read

When preparing an annual income statement, it is important to factor in any loans that may have been taken out for that year. Short-term loans, such as working capital lines of credit, need to be reported in the current liabilities section, whereas long-term loans should be reported in the long-term liabilities section. Any payments made toward the loan, such as the principal or any interest, should be noted in the expenses section, with the net amount being reported as the company’s loan balance. It is essential to properly report all loans on the income statement in order to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting regulations.


Formulas for Probability Theory in Forex Trading

4 min read

Probability theory is an important tool for the Forex trader. It is used as a guide for predicting the future movements of a currency pair. Formulas for probability theory are used to calculate potential profits or losses from a trading strategy. These formulas utilize a variety of data points such as volatility, correlations, price action, and other trading metrics. By using the formulas of probability theory, a trader can gain insight into the direction of the market and adjust their trading strategy accordingly. Ultimately, the formulas of probability theory help traders identify lucrative opportunities in the Forex market and make sound trading decisions.


Accounting Ratios for Forex Trading: A Guide

5 min read

Accounting ratios are financial ratios used by investors and analysts to evaluate a company’s financial performance. There are many different accounting ratios available to traders and investors, ranging from traditional financial ratios like the price/earnings ratio to more specialized ratios such as the kurtosis ratio. Accounting ratios are commonly used in forex trading for weakening and strengthening trends in currency pairs. By comparing the relative financial performance of two currency pairs, traders can better determine which pair offers higher reward potential. Additionally, investors often use accounting ratios in order to make better-informed trading decisions and better manage their risk.

Forex Trading Strategies

Fundamental Forex News: Uncovering Economic Insights

2 min read

Forex news is an essential part of any successful trader’s toolbox, as it provides vital insights into the economic and financial markets of the world. By monitoring the latest news, traders can keep abreast of financial developments which might affect their investments and make informed decisions on when to enter or exit a trade. Fundamental news, in particular, is essential in helping traders recognize the direction of the market, and in determining when the right time is to open or close a position. Fundamental forex news covers topics such as macroeconomic health and foreign exchange rate volatility, and can give insight to potential movements in the Forex market. Thus, part of any successful trader’s research should involve staying up-to-date on all the latest fundamental news.