Dean Saunders’ Blade Forex Strategies: An Overview

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Dean Saunders, a renowned Forex trader, has developed blade forex strategies that have been used successfully by many. These strategies combine technical analysis with price action to help traders identify profitable entry points. This article will provide an overview of Dean Saunders’ blade forex strategies, outlining the basics of the method and its advantages. Additionally, the article will discuss notable tips and tricks for effective implementation of these strategies, as well as some practical examples of how to use them.

Blade Forex Strategies Explained

Blade forex strategies are primarily based on the work of Dean Saunders, a world-renowned Forex trader. This method of trading relies heavily on price action and technical analysis to identify entry points. The basic idea behind blade forex trading is that traders look for patterns in the market using various lenses, such as support and resistance levels, candlestick formations, chart patterns, and trend lines.

By using blade forex strategies, traders are able to quickly spot entry and exit points in the market. In addition, they are able to make more informed decisions by factoring in the various indicators of movement and the estimated level of risk attached to the trade. Additionally, these strategies are relatively easy to learn and execute, making them an ideal choice for beginner traders.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Blade Forex Strategies

When trading using blade forex strategies, it is important to keep a few key tips and tricks in mind in order to improve the chances of success. First and foremost, traders should always be sure to set stop loss orders in order to minimize losses in unfavorable conditions. Additionally, traders should avoid over-leveraging so as not to increase the amount of risk they are exposed to. It is also important to wait for the right point of entry – one that is supported by technical indicators and market sentiment.

Furthermore, traders should try to stay disciplined and focused, as this will help them stay on track with their trading goals and objectives. Finally, traders should remember to take action as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Waiting too long can sometimes result in missed opportunities and worse, adverse market conditions.

Practical Applications of Blade Forex Strategies

There are several ways in which blade forex strategies can be applied. One of the most effective methods of using this system is to look for support and resistance levels. By identifying these levels, traders can then place entry and exit orders at the designated points for maximum profitability. Another useful method is to use candlestick patterns in order to find an entry point. By closely studying the formation of Japanese candlesticks, traders can identify when an optimal entry or exit point is available.

In addition to these methods, traders should also make use of trend lines. By looking at how prices have moved in the past, as well as any developing patterns, traders can identify potentially profitable trades. Additionally, research into any potential news events can also be used to increase the chances of success when implementing blade forex strategies.


Dean Saunders’ Blade Forex Strategies are powerful tools which, when used correctly, can help traders generate greater returns. By using support and resistance levels, candlestick patterns, and trend lines among other things, traders can identify entry and exit points in the market. Furthermore, by following the tips outlined above, traders can be sure that they are taking appropriate precautions and limiting their risks as much as possible. With a bit of practice, traders can become highly successful using Dean Saunders’ strategies. head
  Dean Saunders – Blade Forex Strategies Review

Forex trading has become an increasingly popular and lucrative path to financial success. As more and more traders look to join the market it is important to know how to succeed in it. Dean Saunders has developed the Blade Forex Strategies to help traders maximize their profits and thus, become successful. This course consists of three unique and powerful yet easy-to-understand trading systems which can help every trader maximize profits in the Forex Market. On this Blade Forex Strategies review, we will look at how Saunders’ system works, how to download the program, and its potential advantages and disadvantages.

Dean Saunders has over a decade of experience in Forex trading and he has created the Blade Forex Strategies to help other traders succeed. His system is composed of three unique and powerful trading systems which are easy to understand. The systems are designed to maximize profits and minimize losses in the Forex Market. The system can be downloaded with just a single payment of $77 meaning that is an affordable program that will generate great returns.

How Does the System Work?
The Blade Forex Strategies are designed to be used with any trading platform and they are easy to learn and understand. The system includes three unique trading systems that use strategies such as price action, trendline analysis, and Fibonacci retracements. These strategies allow traders to identify potential trades in the market quickly and maximize their profits. The program also includes access to a support forum which allows traders to ask questions, get advice, and share ideas with other members.

Getting the System
The Blade Forex Strategies program can be easily downloaded with a single payment of $77. Once the payment is processed, the system will be available to download and will include access to the support forum. The program also offers a money-back guarantee so if there are any issues with the program, it can easily be refunded.

Advantages & Disadvantages
The Blade Forex Strategies offer a number of advantages. One of the main advantages is that it is easy to understand and learn. The system also includes three unique trading systems which use strategies such as price action, trendline analysis, and Fibonacci retracements. Additionally, the system is available for a low single payment of $77 and it also offers a money-back guarantee.

One of the main drawbacks of the system is that it does not provide a live trading platform. This means that traders must have access to a reliable trading platform in order to use the system effectively. Additionally, the system does not come with any additional services such as signals or automated trading which some traders may find useful.

The Blade Forex Strategies offer a unique system which provides three powerful trading systems that can help every trader maximize their profits. The system is easy to use and understand and it is available for a single payment of $77. Additionally, the system comes with a money-back guarantee so traders can feel confident in their purchase. However, the system does not include access to a trading platform or additional services such as signals or automated trading.

Overall, the Blade Forex Strategies is a reliable and easy to use system that can help every trader make money in the Forex Market. It is an affordable program that comes with a money-back guarantee so traders can try the system with confidence.

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