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Distance From MA: Make Smart MT5 Trades!

5 min read

In the MT5 Forex platform, traders can benefit from many pricing tools and features to help them stay in better control of their trading. One of those features is Price Distance, which allows the user to quickly and easily compare the price of different forex instruments, helping the user to identify the best possible price entry and exit points. With this feature, traders can compare the prices of different forex pairs and quickly get an idea of how far apart they are from each other. Price Distance is a great tool for traders to take advantage of in the MT5 Forex platform in order to get the best possible trading results.

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Top Forex Currency Trading Tips Sites for Traders

4 min read

Discovering the best forex currency trading tips sites can be an important part of any trader’s journey. Whether you are just getting started or looking to refine your trading techniques, the right tips can make all the difference. Look for tips that provide insights into the world of currency trading. Consider sources such as blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media pages to get trading advice from experienced traders. Additionally, look for sites that offer in-depth resources, such as trading strategies, currency charts, and economic analysis. With the right advice, you can take your trading to the next level.

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HOW TO: Delete MT5 History Data – An Analytical Guide

5 min read

MT5 is a powerful trading platform that offers traders the ability to trade forex markets with ease. One of the many great features of MT5 is the ability to delete trading history. This is a great feature for those who need to clear their history for various reasons. It enables you to easily remove specific types of data, such as forex history. The process to delete history data in MT5 is straightforward and simple. Firstly, open the ‘Tools’ menu and click on the ‘History Center’ option. In the ‘History Center’ window, select the ‘Forex’ tab to open up a list of all your trading history. From there, simply select the History Data you’d like to delete and click ‘Delete’. Your history data will then be deleted.

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MT4 Footprint Order Flow Indicator: A Guide for Forex Traders

5 min read

The Footprint Order Flow Indicator is an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced FOREX traders. By utilizing the power of comprehensive market depth information, it allows night traders to identify when large orders enter the market, pinpoint where institutional traders are most active, and identify optimal entry and exit points. The indicator helps traders to locate trading opportunities easily and quickly, whatever their strategies are, and to trade with confidence. It offers advanced customization options, enabling traders to fine-tune their strategies to suit their individual needs. The Footprint Order Flow Indicator is designed for the MT4 platform and is one of the most comprehensive FOREX indicators available.