States with No State Income Tax: Benefits of Forex Trading

6 min read


State income taxes are a burden for some, but those who live in states with no state income tax may have a better chance of keeping more of their earnings. Forex brokers in these states are well-positioned to take advantage of the tax system, as they are not subject to the same taxes as their counterparts in other states. This means that they can offer more competitive rates, allowing customers to make more money on their investments. As such, it’s worth considering states with no state income tax as a prime location for a forex broker.


Profiting before Estimated Income Tax Expense in Forex Trading

4 min read

Profit Before Estimated Income Tax Expense (PBET) is a term used in accounting to describe an entity’s bottom-line earnings, exclusive of anticipated income taxes. It is calculated by subtracting operating expenses from gross income. PBET may also be used to measure performance for a level period of time or on a specific date. In forex trading, PBET can be used to analyze and predict the success of a trading strategy by looking at the earnings before estimated income tax expense incurred. By doing so, traders can compare strategies and make more informed decisions on which may be the most profitable.