What is Sharpe Ratio | A Guide to Forex Trading

4 min read

The Sharpe Ratio is a measure of risk-adjusted returns in Forex trading. It helps traders determine the performance of their investment when compared to a baseline, such as a risk-free rate like a government bond; it also indicates the volatility of the investment over time. The Sharpe Ratio measures the extra returns of an investment, compensating the investor for the risk he or she is taking. It is given by the average return of the investment minus the risk-free rate, divided by the standard deviation of the returns. This ratio helps to compare the rewards of different investments and helps traders make informed decisions about their trades.


Net Investment Income in Forex Trading: How to Maximize Returns

6 min read

Net investment income forex is an increasingly popular form of trading that allows investors to obtain profits from the fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets. By purchasing and selling different currencies, traders can take advantage of varying exchange rates to earn money from buying and selling currencies. Trading in the forex market can be risky, but with the right strategies and knowledge, investors can reap large financial rewards.


Asian Financial Crisis: Understanding Forex Trading Impact

5 min read

The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 was a major financial event that had a major impact on stock market indices, currency exchange rates, and other financial and economic indicators. The root cause of the crisis was the sudden devaluation of the Thai baht, which rippled through the currencies of many other East Asian countries. This led to a number of knock-on effects, particularly in the foreign exchange markets, as investors fled from the affected currencies and the overall risk sentiment deteriorated. The Asian Financial Crisis ultimately led to a global recession, with GDP growth slowing in both developed and developing economies around the world.