Best Savings Account Bonus: What to Look For

5 min read

If you’re an investor looking for a lucrative banking option, the best savings account bonus from Forex may be the answer. This promotion gives you the opportunity to enjoy an attractive cash bonus when you open a new savings account with Forex. The bonus can vary in amount depending on how much money you deposit – the more you deposit, the larger the bonus. Plus, withdrawing money from your account won’t reduce the bonus you receive, so it’s like free money. Additionally, the account has great features such as competitive interest rates, no monthly account fees, and many more. With the best savings account bonus being offered by Forex, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your financial future.


Registered Financial Advisor Requirements: Understanding Funding Rules

5 min read

A Registered Financial Advisor (RFA) is a qualified financial services professional who provides advice on investments, loans, taxes, retirement, and other financial matters. In order to become an RFA, an individual must have an accredited degree conferred by an accredited educational institution, pass the requisite examinations, abide by the professional code of conduct, and meet certain other qualifications and requirements. In particular, in order to provide advice on Forex trading, an RFA must also have the added knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of the Foreign exchange (Forex) markets. Moreover, an RFA must possess the ability to identify, analyze, and assess the inherent risks associated with these global markets and to provide sound advice and strategies to investors who desire to take advantage of the potentially high returns offered by the Forex markets.