Cash” in Forex Trading: An Academic Introduction

5 min read

Cash Forex is an online retail Foreign Exchange (FX) market that trades in over 180 major, minor and exotic currency pairs. This market has become increasingly volatile over time due to economic and political events around the globe, and the increasing popularity of online trading. Investors have the opportunity to take long or short positions in currency pairs, which allows for greater flexibility in their trading strategies. Cash Forex provides traders with fast, reliable, and reliable execution of their trades, with low spreads and low slippage. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to take advantage of global currency markets.

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Order Blocks Forex: An Introduction to Trading Strategies

4 min read

Order blocks in Forex trading are used by professional traders who seek to limit their exposure to the market. Order blocks allow traders to join several orders into one to better manage their risk and reduce the volatility associated with the market. This technique allows traders to better control their position size by entering order blocks at different prices. By using order blocks, traders can minimize any downside risk in the event of unfavorable price movements. In addition, order blocks can help traders benefit more from the upside if the market moves in their favor. Furthermore, order blocks also help traders to better manage their risk/reward ratio by enhancing their chance of entering a profitable position.


What Is Paid Up Capital? – An Introduction to Forex Trading

4 min read

Paid-up Capital Forex is a term used to describe the total capital deposited with a brokerage firm or forex dealer to open a margin account. It is the capital that must be deposited in order to begin trading in the foreign exchange market. This capital can be in the form of cash, securities or other financial assets. The amount required as Paid-up Capital Forex varies between different brokers and different financial instruments. It is important for investors to understand these requirements, as it will affect their ability to quickly open up and begin trading in the forex market.


Coin Market Cap: An Introduction to Forex Trading

5 min read

Coin Market Cap is a resource for trading in the Forex currency markets. Coin Market Cap’s comprehensive platform allows for the tracking of currencies, market capitalization, pricing data, and more. It provides access to real-time market data and analysis tools, plus an in-depth research center, news portal, and a comprehensive selection of calculator options. With the help of Coin Market Cap, Forex traders can make better informed decisions about what currency pair to trade, and when to enter or exit a trade. Coin Market Cap also offers a variety of services, such as automated referrals tracking, bitcoin and Ethereum crypto analyst commentaries, and educational resources.

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Economic Calendar & Forex News: An Introduction to Forex Trading

3 min read

The Economic Calendar is an important tool for both traders and investors alike. It is a schedule that highlights upcoming economic data and events that may affect the Forex market. This can include GDP reports, inflation figures, employment figures, and retail sales just to name a few. For Forex traders, these data points can help give a better indication of the health of a particular nation or region’s economy and help to predict future market direction. It is important to pay attention to these data points and news events, as they can have a huge potential impact on currency movements. Knowing when these events are scheduled can help traders plan their trading strategy accordingly.


Bitcoin Cash: An Introduction to Forex Trading

5 min read

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hardfork of Bitcoin that was created in August 2017 to provide faster and more reliable payments. It is the second-most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and is traded on global cryptocurrency exchanges. BCH is used to make payments for goods and services as well as trades between holders. It can also be used to buy and sell forex, a global market for exchange rates and currencies. Forex traders use BCH to speculate on the price movements of different currencies in the market. Thanks to its low transaction fees, low trading costs, and security, BCH has become a popular choice for cryptocurrency traders and investors.