Positive Net Income, Negative Cash Flow: Forex Trading Explained

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A company can have a positive net income but negative cash flow for several reasons. This could be due to large capital expenditure, such as buying property or new equipment, or the purchase of inventory to supply an order. It could also be because of payments owed such as accounts payable, which could include wages and taxes. If cash outflows due to expenses like these are greater than the company’s cash inflows from sales, it can create a negative cash flow. The company will still have a positive net income due to their assets also increasing in value, but this doesn’t change the fact that cash is disappearing from the balance sheet.


Cash and Carry” Forex Trading: Explained.

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Cash and Carry Forex is an innovative, online service that allows users to buy and sell foreign currencies in a fast and efficient manner. With Cash and Carry Forex, traders can take advantage of the competitive exchange rates and benefit from 24/7 access to their account in order to track the currency markets’ progress. The service also includes a variety of useful tools to help traders optimize their forex trading strategies. Additionally, Cash and Carry Forex follows a transparent and secure system of funds management in which funds held in segregated accounts are kept safe.

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The Quarters Theory Italiano: Forex Trading Strategies Explained

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Il Quarto Teoria Forex è una tecnica di trading monetario sviluppata negli anni ’50 da Tony Arcaday. Si tratta di una tecnica di trading basata sull’azione dei prezzi che può aiutare gli operatori di Forex a prevedere meglio le condizioni del mercato. La sua efficacia è dimostrata nel effetto dell’aumento dei tassi. Crafted con articoli di base, la tecnica fa uso di linee di resistenza e supporto per identificare opportunità di trading a breve termine. I trader che usano questa strategia spesso aspettano il ritiro per un quarto di un punto nei prezzi prima di entrare in una posizione di trading. Questa tecnica si è dimostrata particolarmente efficace per i trader con un occhio attento ad entrambi i macro e micro condizioni del mercato Forex.