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Refer 10 Friends to Tenxprime: A Guide to Forex Trading

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TenXPrime Forex Trading allows traders to access a variety of Forex markets with low spreads and zero commission fees. With TenXPrime’s innovative trading platform, traders can take advantage of low spreads and fast execution with no slippage. Traders can trade in up to 300 different currency pairs with minimal costs and greater flexibility. With access to over 30 CFD products such as Oil, Gold, Silver and Indices, TenXPrime is the ideal platform for traders looking to take advantage of the ever-changing Forex market. With market leading prices, charting tools and automated trading options, TenXPrime provides traders with an all-in-one Forex trading solution.


Financial Year: An Introductory Guide to Forex Trading

3 min read

The financial year and Forex are closely intertwined; understanding the basics of the foreign exchange market and how it operates is essential for staying informed about finance and investing. A financial year is the twelve-month period that a company or individual can use to report income for taxation purposes. As global currencies continually fluctuate, a company must take into account the exchange rates at the start and end of the financial year in order to accurately report their international financial details. To do this, they must be aware of the trends in the Forex, and their potential impact on the values of the currencies involved in transactions from the past year. Understanding the basics of the foreign exchange markets and how they operate can help investors to make decisions that may impact the financial situation positively.

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What is the Official MetaTrader URL for Forex Trading?

3 min read

The official Metatrader URL Forex is, the leading platform for the online trading of Forex (foreign exchange), CFDs (contracts for difference) and futures. The platform is renowned for having powerful and easy to use charting and trading tools, support for automated trading systems, as well as mobile and web trading. With Metatrader, traders have the ability to access the tightest spreads and deepest liquidity pools of over 50 different leading brokers.

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KIMURA Trading Review: All You Need to Know

4 min read

Kimura Trading Forex is an innovative system of forex trading created by Kenichi Kimura, a global market strategist and investor. Kimura Trading Forex uses a series of analytical techniques combined with an understanding of fed funds futures and treasury futures markets to identify and evaluate high-probability, low-risk trades. Its emphasis is on understanding underlying market dynamics and movement, rather than blindly following signals. Kimura Trading Forex aims to give traders more insight into the market so that they can make informed, profitable trades. By using actionable market analysis and properly sizing risk to reward ratios, traders can maximize their trading returns.

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Use MT5 Vertical Line Indicator for Accurate Forex Trading

4 min read

The Vertical Line at Specific Time MT5 indicator for Forex traders is a useful tool which displays a vertical line that appears at a pre-specified time in whatever chart timeframe the indicator is located. This can be useful when traders want to ensure they do not miss out on any major news events that may affect the market or market sentiment. It is also useful if traders wish to backtest a certain strategy around a specific time of the day or week as this indicator will help them focus on that specific moment. Additionally, it also serves as a visual aid which can remind one of upcoming events and serve as a great way to plan trading sessions or catching significant news related to particular currencies.


Market Makers”: An Essential Guide to Forex Trading

6 min read

A market maker in forex is a bank or broker that stands ready to buy a currency at their published buying price or to sell a currency at their published selling price. Market makers provide continuous liquidity to traders by creating a two way market for every currency they trade. They act as a counterparty to both buyers and sellers to help reduce trading costs and keep the market moving. Market makers will take the opposite side of a given trade, thus providing much needed liquidity to the market. They will also be able to offer more competitive prices than those set by the spot market makers.