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Best Scalping Strategies in Tradingview – Boost Your Forex Profits!

6 min read

Scalping is a popular trading strategy among Forex traders. It involves opening and closing a large number of short-term positions in order to take advantage of small price movements in the currency markets. In the fast-paced Forex markets, scalpers can quickly act on the smallest of opportunities to capture profits. The key to success with scalping is properly selecting the right trading strategy and leveraging trading tools such as the TradingView platform to maximize profits. With the right trading skills, scalpers can make consistent profits while exposing their accounts to minimal risks.

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How MT4 News Filter Helps Boost Forex Trading

5 min read

The MT4 News Filter Forex is an invaluable tool for any Forex trader. It helps traders to filter out low-impact news that is not likely to have an effect on their trades. With this tool, you can define thresholds for the time before and after news is released, as well as for the news impact, so you can accurately assess how significant the news is and how it will likely affect the market. You can also customize filters for specific pairs and time frames, so you can ensure that you’re trading during the optimal times. The MT4 News Filter Forex is a must-have for any serious trader.