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Nam Order Blocks PDF: The Basics of Forex Trading

4 min read

A nam order block is a market order for a forex pair that is not enabled for market execution. This type of order is useful for traders who wish to make larger trades than the current market price allows. By using a Nam Order Block, traders are able to save on transaction costs by ensuring that their entire transaction is executed at the same price. With its ability to reduce transaction costs, this type of market order is ideal for those who wish to trade in large amounts.


Duration and Convexity in Forex Trading: Academic Approach

2 min read

Duration and convexity are two important concepts in forex trading that help inform investors about the potential risks of investing in certain foreign currencies. Duration is the measure of how long it will take a forex trader to recover their initial investment, while convexity measures the degree of risk associated with that same investment. Generally, longer duration investments will have higher convexity, while shorter duration investments will usually have lower convexity. This is primarily because longer duration investments require more time and capital to recover should an investment not yield the expected returns. Understanding these two concepts can help forex traders determine the best foreign currencies to invest in and the appropriate level of risk to take on when investing.