Price Action Scanner Dashboard MT4: A Comprehensive Guide

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Learning to trade on the foreign exchange market can be a daunting task. Trading currencies can require large investments, and the constantly changing Forex market can be too complicated to confidently understand. A combination of tools and knowledge can help take the guessing out of trading in the Forex markets. One such tool is the Trader’s Price Action Scanner Dashboard MT4 Forex. This indicator helps to evaluate the strength and direction of price movement over different periods of time. In this article, we discuss in detail the benefits and features of the Trader’s Price Action Scanner Dashboard MT4.

What is the Price Action Dashboard?

The Price Action Dashboard is an innovative tool to help the trader to control a large number of financial instruments. This can provide traders with a better understanding of the strength and direction of the price movement. The dashboard provides traders with a suite of powerful indicators, including the Price Action Scanner, which is designed to help traders make informed decisions regarding their trading strategies. The dashboard gives the traders the ability to assess the data in a graphical form, making it easier to understand and use. The dashboard is also equipped with features, such as the ability to review and compare the performance of any type of financial instrument, and the ability to compare multiple markets in one view.

Benefits and features of the Price Action Dashboard

The Price Action Dashboard provides traders with a suite of features that can help them evaluate the performance of their trades. The dashboard has features such as trend lines, chart patterns, conditional stop orders, and support/resistance levels. Traders can also customize the dashboard to meet their individual needs and requirements, as well as to get access to advanced tools that can help them define their trading strategies. Additionally, the dashboard provides the user with the ability to access historical data and market news for further analysis.

The dashboard also includes a host of indicators and other tools including; support and resistance levels, range charts, pivot points, and Fibonacci retracements. Moreover, the dashboard has the ability to perform technical analysis and backtest trading strategies, allowing traders to evaluate their strategies and develop new ones.

How to use the Price Action Dashboard?

The dashboard is designed to be simple and user-friendly yet powerful. Traders can quickly access the charting feature and access trend lines, chart patterns, and other technical indicators. Along with the charting feature the dashboard also includes the ability to review historical data, view market news, and compare multiple markets in one view. Additionally, traders can use the dashboard to backtest trading strategies and customize the dashboard to meet their personal needs and trading requirements.

By utilizing the Price Action Dashboard, traders can quickly gain insight into the market and better understand the price movements and trends at any given moment. The dashboard provides traders with powerful indicators and other tools that can be used to develop and refine successful trading strategies. Introduction

For traders looking for a reliable and accurate tool to help them with their trading decisions, the ATR Dashboard is a great option. This innovative overlay gives traders the ability to quickly and easily monitor the current ATR (Average True Range) of the market, along with other key metrics such as three moving averages and the RSI indicator. With this tool, traders can effectively identify potential trade set-ups based on the ATR value, as well as other meaningful technical indicators.

What is the ATR Dashboard?

The ATR Dashboard is a technical indicator designed to be used with the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. It provides traders with an overview of the ATR value typically monitored on the chart. The dashboard also includes 3 moving averages and the RSI indicator to give traders the ability to quickly adjust and scan multiple types of price action setups. Furthermore, the values of these indicators can be adjusted to suit the trader’s trading style.

What Does ATR Dashboard Forex Offer?

The ATR Dashboard provides traders with a useful set of features that can help them better identify potential price action setups. For example, this advanced tool allow traders to easily view and analyze the ATR of the market as well as the relative value of other important indicators such as three moving averages and the RSI. By combining these technical elements, ATR Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the market’s price action, allowing traders to easily interpret the data and make timely trading decisions.

In addition, traders can also customize the ATR Dashboard to their personal preferences. The dashboard is highly user-friendly and offers various customization options such as selecting the currencies of calculation, adjusting the indicator parameters according to the trader’s trading strategies, and setting up appropriate levels of resistance/support as well as overbought/oversold zones. All these features allow traders to effortlessly adjust the dashboard for their unique trading style, helping them better understand the market’s price action.


The ATR Dashboard is a powerful tool that makes it easy for traders to effectively analyze the price action of the market. It offers customizable features and practical data analysis tools that can help traders identify and capitalize on potential opportunities. On top of the technical features, this innovative trading platform also provides traders with an easy-to-use interface and streamlined access to important prices indicators which makes the process of interpreting the market data easier and more efficient.

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