Explaining Cho-Bo OrderBlock PRZ Strategy in Forex Trading

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What is the CHoCH OrderBlock Prz Strategy?

The CHoCH OrderBlock Prz Strategy, also known as The Change of Character in Trading, is a trading strategy used to gauge the market-with-a-bullish-rsi-divergence-scanner/” title=”Tame the Market with a Bullish RSI Divergence Scanner”>trend reversal in the market after breaking high or low price levels. CHoCH, as it is commonly known, is a simple, technical approach to trading that can be used to capitalize on both short-term and long-term profits.

CHoCH uses a chart of Highs and Lows to identify a trend reversal. When a High or Low is breached, CHoCH looks for further confirmation of the trend direction by studying the order flow and analyzing the trend. This can involve examining the volume profile over the period of the trend reversal, or looking for an Order Block Prz, which is an area of significant buying or selling activity. If either of these two conditions are met, the trend is deemed to have reversed and the trader should act accordingly.

How to Apply the CHoCH Orderblock Prz Strategy?

The key to successfully implementing the CHoCH OrderBlock Prz Strategy is to identify the order flow. Traders will use the Order Block Prz indicator to help assess the breakout of Highs and Lows. The indicator is easy to interpret, as it shows a column of buy and sell wicks on the chart. Once the Order Block Prz is activated, traders should watch for further confirmations of the trend reversing. Possible confirmations include a break of a previous high or low in the opposite direction, a series of higher highs and lower lows, or a breakout of a key level of support or resistance.

Traders should also pay attention to the volume profile, as it provides an indication of the strength of the buying or selling activity. Ideally, the Volume Profile should show increasing activity as the trend reversal advances. This indicates that the trend reversal is supported by a strong order flow and likely to continue.


CHoCH OrderBlock Prz is a powerful trading strategy that can be used to take advantage of short and long-term price trends in the Forex markets. The strategy is based on the concept of trend reversal, which is triggered when Highs and Lows are broken. Traders should use the Order Block Prz indicator and the volume profile to determine the strength of the trend reversal. If these conditions are met, and the trend is confirmed with moves up or down, traders will have a good opportunity to benefit from the trend. The Choch Bos OrderBlock PRZ strategy is a technical trading strategy that is designed to identify potential reversal points in the stock market. The strategy is based on a predetermined price range, or PRZ, and uses price action to determine when to enter and exit trades. It is a trend-following system that looks to capitalize on large price moves, and does not rely on traditional indicators such as moving averages, stochastics, or MACD. Instead, traders can enter positions based off of simple trend lines and support and resistance points.

The strategy is also designed to identify potential price breakout and reversals, which can be useful for both longer-term and shorter-term trading. It can be applied to any asset class, although the rules for entering and exiting trades may vary depending on the type of asset. Another benefit of this strategy is that it allows traders to adjust their entry and exit points to match their individual risk and reward desires and market conditions.

Overall, the Choch Bos OrderBlock PRZ strategy is a powerful tool for traders looking to capitalize on high-probability trading setups. It is relatively simple to use and is versatile enough to work across a variety of asset classes.

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