What Days Are Forex News Days? Understanding Market Movements.

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It is no surprise that many traders track market activity by following fundamental events. Every day, Forex markets are affected by news releases that can lead to significant market movements. Becoming familiar with which news events cause the market to move allows more experienced forex traders to plan their trades with precision and foresight. In this article, we will find out what days are forex news days, and what are the top five economic news events to follow in forex trading.

Forex News Days

Every day is a potential news day on the forex market, but there are several days that are more important than others. On Mondays, central banks around the world publish decisions on their monetary policies. This is important, as it sets the tone for the week. Tuesdays are usually the days when the European Central Bank announces their interest rate decisions, which can affect the entire currency market. Wednesday is the day for the Bank of England rate decisions, which can lead to some surprise market movements on GBP related pairs. On Thursdays, there are usually important economic news releases from the United States, such as the unemployment rate, the producer price index, and the retail sales figures. Fridays are the days for economic data releases from Japan, which can also have major impacts on the currency markets.

What Are The Top Five Economic News Events For Forex Trading?

When it comes to trading forex, it is important to understand what the most important economic news events are. Here are the top five economic news events to watch out for in the forex market:

  • Central Bank rate decisions: Each month the world’s various central banks meet to decide on their interest rate policies. The decisions made at these meetings can have significant impacts on the currency markets, and it is important for traders to be aware of these decisions and when they are announced.
  • Non-Farm Payrolls report: This is released every month and provides information on the number of jobs created and lost in the United States. This report can be used to predict the direction of the USD, and traders will monitor it closely.
  • GDP Reports: The Gross Domestic Product reports are released quarterly and provide an insight into the state of a nation’s economy. These reports are closely watched by traders, as it can give an idea of future economic conditions and potential future movements in the currency markets.
  • Unemployment figures: The unemployment rate is released each month and gives information on the number of people who are out of work and looking for work. These figures are closely watched by traders, as they can indicate economic strength or weakness.
  • Consumer Price Index: One of the most important economic indicators, the CPI is released every month and provides information on the inflation rate of a country. Traders tend to be particularly interested in a country’s inflation rate, as it gives them an idea of the potential changes in the currency’s value in the near future.


In conclusion, forex traders should be aware of the days when important economic news events are released, and what these news events are. Knowing when and what news events will be released allows traders to plan their trades and respond to market movements more efficiently. By following the economic news releases and tracking market conditions, traders will be in a better position to make profitable trades.

What is Forex News Day?

Forex News Day is the day that the economic calendar releases a report or other significant event that can affect the forex market. Generally, these important events are released on the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month. These events often include news about inflation, employment, and retail sales figures. Traders need to understand what these reports mean and how they can influence currency values. This article will help you review what days are considered ‘Forex News Days’ and what kind of information you should expect to be released.

What to Expect from Forex News Days

Forex News Days usually cover macroeconomic information from around the world. Reports and announcements from central banks can move markets, as well as data from significant reports from private research organizations. In addition to the event itself, many news organizations and traders also pay close attention to the final dollar amounts or other figures that are released. This information can be key to understanding the overall direction of the currency market.

How to Use Forex News Days

Forex News Days can help you stay informed about all of the different factors that can affect currency values. These days are closely watched by professional and retail traders alike. It is important to keep in mind that any news and information released on Forex News Days will affect currency-pair prices for the rest of the month. Some traders use these days to plan their trading strategies and make informed decisions about their trades. It can also be helpful to research what to expect from a particular news release, so that you are not surprised by the reaction in the markets after the announcement is made.

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