Troubleshooting: Can’t Move Chart Up/Down in TradingView

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Forex trading demands quick decision making. Investors need to track trends, analyze news and make swift trades in order to maximize their gains. To do that, they require solid and reliable tools such as TradingView, a comprehensive software platform designed especially for forex market traders. Its wide range of functions and cutting-edge features can help traders stay ahead of the game. However, some problems may occur, like an inability to move the chart up and down in TradingView. In this article we’ll explain the reasons and provide helpful solutions to this issue.

What Is the Chart Movement Tool and What Are Its Benefits?

The Chart Movement Tool can be used for tracking the movement of prices in the forex market. It allows users to explore potential trends by dragging and zooming the chart to better view certain sections. Also, mouse wheel navigation can be used to move the chart up and down. This feature provides traders with greater convenience during their trading activities.

How to Sort Out the Issue of Not Being Able to Move the Chart Up and Down?

If you’ve encountered the issue of an inability to move the chart up and down in TradingView, the first thing you should do is check the hotkeys and shortcuts. TradingView provides its users with several hotkeys and shortcuts that can be used to move the chart up or down quickly. You should also make sure that the correct buttons are pressed. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then restarting your computer is a safe bet, as it will most likely fix the problem.

What Other Features Can You Access On TradingView?

Aside from the Chart Movement Tool, TradingView also offers traders a wide range of other features that can enhance their trading experience. These include the ability to plot all open and executed orders in the chart, as well as access to new tools and indicators. With the help of these features, users can keep up with the latest trends, analyze the current market conditions and make informed decisions about their next move.


As we can see, TradingView is a powerful trading platform that can be useful for any Forex trader. While it offers a great variety of features, sometimes its users may experience the issue of not being able to move the chart up and down. Fortunately, this issue is usually easy to fix and it doesn’t require a major problem. Hotkeys and shortcuts, as well as restarting the computer may be the simple solutions to the problem. All in all, TradingView is a reliable and comprehensive tool for forex trading.

An Overview of TradingView Forex

TradingView Forex is an online trading platform that is growing in popularity among traders and investors. It provides users with a range of real time charts, technical indicators, enhanced drawing tools, and more. Traders also have the ability to trade from the charts directly, and place orders using the drag and drop function, or by clicking and dragging up and down to modify or cancel the orders.

What has become a popular feature of TradingView Forex is the ability to toggle between different trading hours. At the bottom right of the graph, traders can switch between Regular Trading Hours (RTH) and Electronic Trading Hours (ETH). Traders can also switch between daily, weekly, or monthly views to easily monitor long-term trends.

Issues With TradingView Forex

Despite the many advantages the platform has to offer, it has been known to have some glitches. It has been reported that the TradingView desktop app and browser mode have been displaying issues such as the candle stick chart completely disappearing, reset and refresh commands not working, and the logout and login option not functioning. It has also been reported that traders are unable to scroll up and down on the chart to view past data.

Fixing TradingView Forex Issues

The best way to resolve these issues would be to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or browser version of TradingView Forex. If that doesn’t help, then seeking help from the customer service team would be the next best step. They can help determine the cause of the glitch and offer solutions on how to fix the issue.

One potential problem that could be causing these issues is having too many indicators added onto the chart. It is recommended to have no more than four or five indicators at a time on the chart, as this could cause the chart to become slow and eventually glitch.

Overall, TradingView Forex is a great platform for investors and traders and can be used to monitor and trade on the forex market. The occasional issue may occur when using the platform, but these can be quickly fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app or browser versions of the platform. The technical support team can also provide assistance for any queries or problems that cannot be solved on your own.

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