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Trading View Angled Fib Retracement: A Guide to Forex Trading

3 min read

Trading View Angled Fib Retracement Forex is a charting platform that offers traders the ability to calculate the levels of Fibonacci retracement patterns with an adjustable angle. This method of charting helps traders identify short-term trading opportunities in terms of resistances and supports, as well as potential areas of buying and selling. Although Fibonacci retracement tools are widely used for analysis in all markets, including forex, Trading View Angled Fib Retracement Forex provides an additional level of precision which can help traders make better entry and exit decisions for their trading positions.

Forex Trading

tui share Price Trading View: An Overview of Forex Trading

5 min read

Tui, a company focused on the leisure travel industry, has seen its share price fluctuate significantly over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic. On TradingView, Tui has consistently traded around the €8.00 mark since March 2020, with the bulk of the trading activity occurring during the first months of the pandemic. Over the subsequent months, Tui’s share price has fluctuated between €7.50 to €10.00, giving investors the opportunity to enter and exit trading positions with ease. Despite the volatile market conditions seen last year, Tui’s stock has held up relatively well and could offer investors a good opportunity for growth in the future.