Capital Expenditures in Forex Trading – An Academic Overview

6 min read


Capital expenditures refer to funds used for the purchase of long-term assets or property to improve a company’s operations. Examples of capital expenditures include new machinery, investments in research and development, and upgrades to infrastructure. Companies must carefully evaluate capital expenditures before making decisions, as these types of investments can be expensive and time-consuming. Companies also need to consider the potential for a positive return on investment in order to make sure the expenditure is worthwhile.


Anarcho Capitalism: An Introduction to Forex Trading

2 min read

Anarcho Capitalism is a philosophy which emphasizes the absolute right of individuals to have full control over their life and resources. In this system, the market is the chief organizing factor for the economy and the only legitimate form of government is voluntary exchange of goods and services through the market. While the concept of anarcho-capitalism is still being discussed in academic circles, its popularity is growing in the world of foreign exchange (Forex). With the rise of digital currencies, decentralized exchanges, and global market access, anarcho-capitalism remains a viable concept for Forex traders. Anarcho-capitalists view the Forex market as an ideal environment to practice their beliefs, which is why many traders are taking advantage of the opportunity to join the exciting world of decentralized currency trading. Not only is anarcho-capitalist trading a great way to earn money, but it also provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in managing risk and capital.