Introduction to MQL5

Meta Trader 5 Market Closed Error: An Analytical Overview

4 min read

Meta Trader 5 is a powerful financial platform that offers a range of sophisticated trading tools for experienced Forex traders. Unfortunately, it can also be prone to errors and glitches, like the ‘Market Closed’ error. This error occurs when the market is closed and a user attempts to make a trade. This can cause a disruption to trading activities and prevent users from carrying out their desired trades. If you encounter the ‘Market Closed’ error, there are few options available. You can wait until the markets open again to continue with your trading activities or choose a different platform. It is recommended to create a backup plan in case of such errors in order to protect your investments.

Introduction to MQL5

Python Profit Factor Formula Trading: An Analytical Overview

6 min read

Python is a powerful language for programming and trading. It is gaining traction due to its ability to automate trading processes. One of the key metrics used to determine the profitability of a strategy is the Profit Factor. This calculation is often used to evaluate a strategy’s performance by determining the probability of success. The Profit Factor formula, which is used to calculate the Profit Factor, requires variables like the sum of all winning trades, the sum of all losing trades, and the total number of trades. Python can be used to automate the calculation of the Profit Factor, making it an invaluable tool for evaluating a trading strategy.