Order Close Error 138: An Overview of Forex Trading

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Getting order close error 138 forex can be a frustrating experience. You may be wondering why this error is occurring, and how to go about resolving it. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of order close error 138 forex, including what it is, the potential causes, and how to go about resolving the issue. Error 138 on an order indicates an authorization failure, usually due to incorrect or invalid credit card information. For example, if someone enters an incorrect credit card number, expiration date, or address for the order, it is likely to result in an Error 138. You should always advise customers to double-check all information before submitting an order to eliminate any errors. Additionally, you should be aware of any alerts you receive from your payment processor and take any necessary steps to investigate and resolve them. Additionally, having a system in place to verify payments on all orders before they are authorized can help reduce and/or prevent errors.

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