mt4 Watermarks and Time: Make Forex Trading Easier”.

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Forex trading is one of the most profitable and rewarding forms of investing – but it requires diligence and practice. Many traders make use ofMT4, which provides a series of charts and powerful tools to monitor, plan and implement successful trading strategies. To increase the security of an MT4 account, the use of watermarks and configurable time zones is strongly recommended. In this article, we will explain what MT4 watermarking and time settings are, and why they are important for forex trading.

What is MT4 Watermarking?

MT4 Watermarking is a technique that helps traders to keep track of the charts on their MT4 account. By embedding a unique watermark on each chart, traders can monitor the use of their account more closely and identify immediately when any changes have been made. The watermark will appear as an image or text overlaid on top of the chart and this can be visible from the chart itself or when a screenshot of the chart is taken. This type of watermarking is simple to set up and helps to provide additional security to a trader’s account.

Why is Watermarking Important?

Watermarking can be a useful tool for any forex trader, as it helps to ensure that the data in their charts remains secure and that any changes to the chart are immediately identifiable. As the watermark is unique to each chart, any screenshots or images of the chart will contain a trace of where the data originated from, making it easier for a trader to identify any suspicious activity. This will help to prevent data theft or unauthorised modifications being made to a trader’s account.

What are Configurable Time Zones?

Configurable time zones allow MT4 users to specify the time zone in which the charts in their account are displayed. This can be useful for traders who work in different time zones or who may wish to monitor the markets across different time zones. By configuring the time zone, traders can ensure that the data they are accessing is accurate and that their charts are up to date.

The use of MT4 watermarking and configurable time zones is an essential part of ensuring the security of a trader’s account and data. By taking a few extra precautions, traders can ensure that their data remains secure and that any changes they make to their charts are quickly identified. Watermarking and configurable time zones are easy to set up and can make a big difference in how secure a trader’s data is.

Introduction to MT4 Watermark and Time Forex

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is one of the most popular and widely used forex trading platforms for traders looking to access the forex markets. MT4 is a powerful platform designed for traders of all skill levels and offers many features such as charting tools, technical analysis indicators, automated trading, customizable indicators, Expert Advisors (EAs) and more. Additionally, MT4 offers the ability to customize the platform to the user’s individual preferences and trading strategies. One of the most useful features of MT4 is the ability to add a watermark and time frame indicator to your charts. The watermark is a feature that serves to visually remind you of how long you’ve been trading on a chart, while the time frame indicator can be used to display the current time frame on which your trades are taking place. In this guide, we will be looking at how to use MT4 watermark and time frame indicators and how they can be beneficial to your trading.

Understanding Watermarks in MT4

When you first enter the MT4 trading platform, your charts will be automatically marked with the current time frame. For example, if you are looking at the EUR/USD currency pair on an hourly chart, the time frame indicator on the chart will show 1 hour. However, if you were to keep the chart open for a long period of time, you may not remember exactly when it was that you first opened the chart. This is where the watermark feature comes in. When enabled, the watermark will show how long the chart has been open and continually counts from the moment that the chart was first opened. This feature is useful for both scalping and long-term trading, as it can provide a useful reminder of how long you’ve been trading a particular currency pair or chart.

Adding a Watermark in MT4

Adding a watermark in MT4 is a simple process. First, select the chart that you would like to add the watermark to and then click on the “Charts” tab found at the top of the platform. Next, select the “Indicators” button found on the window that appears and click on the “Watermark” provided in the list of indicators. You will now be asked to select the text, font size, color, and the position of the watermark. After you have chosen your preferences, click “OK” at the bottom of the window and the watermark will be added to your chart. The watermark will constantly remind you of how long your chart has been open, as well as how long you’ve been trading a particular currency pair or instrument.

Using the Time Frame Indicator in MT4

In addition to the watermark, MT4 also includes a time frame indicator that can be used to display the current time frame on which your trades are taking place. When enabled, the time frame indicator will show the current time frame for your trades. To add the time frame indicator to your MT4 charts, click on the “Charts” tab at the top of the platform and select the “Indicators” button. Select the “Time Frame” indicator from the dropdown list and click “OK”. The time frame indicator will then be added to your charts and will always remind you of the current time frame on which your trades are taking place.


The MT4 platform is packed full of features and capabilities to help traders better manage their forex trading. By utilizing the watermark and time frame indicators, investors are able to see exactly how long they’ve been trading a particular chart or currency pair while also being able to monitor the current time frame of their trades. Both features can be added and enabled within MT4 in just a few clicks and are a great addition to any trader’s arsenal.

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