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⁢ What is Dukascopy forex peace army?

Dukascopy forex peace army (DPA) is a website dedicated to helping traders stay informed about the latest news and ⁤happenings within the Forex trading world. The website also provides⁢ ratings and reviews ⁢ of Forex brokers and brokers related to financial market instruments. DPA has become one‌ of ⁤the most trusted names in Forex because of its dedication to providing traders‍ with a wealth‌ of⁢ information and ​resources to⁣ assist them in their trading endeavours.

What‍ does DPA offer?

DPA is home‌ to a wide range of trading resources, tools and guides. The ‌website offers traders ​free Forex ⁤education, tools for money management, access to‌ traders’ private data and reviews and ratings‍ of Forex brokers. The‌ website also helps traders with the decision making process by providing them with charts, analysis, and reports about the Forex market. ‌Additionally, DPA provides traders ⁤with a ⁢wide array of trading instruments, including Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs and indices.

Benefits of⁢ using ‌DPA

DPA offers traders a wealth of benefits that ‌have become⁤ essential to successful trading. ‍Firstly, traders will benefit from an immense range of ‌reviews⁤ and ratings of ‍brokers, all of which have been personally tested by ‌the DPA team. This⁤ method ⁤of⁤ reviewing‌ brokers allows traders to pick a⁢ broker‌ they ⁢are comfortable with quickly and ⁤easily. Furthermore, traders will be able to benefit from DPA’s collection of tools and resources,‌ including its advanced charting tools and trading signals. ​All‍ of the ⁢tools and ‌resources provided by DPA are designed‍ to help traders make the best decisions and ⁢have a successful trading⁢ experience.​ Additionally,⁣ traders can also benefit from the site’s forums, which ⁣feature ‍discussion⁤ threads on topics such as trading strategies and market analysis.

Finally,‌ DPA ⁣features ‌a range of features that are specifically ​designed to help traders ​learn more about the Forex market, such as market reports, technical analysis and​ trading ⁢signal updates. All⁤ of these ⁢features are invaluable to a⁣ trader looking⁢ to gain a deeper understanding of the Forex market.

In summary, Dukascopy forex peace army ​is ‌home to a wealth⁤ of resources designed specifically for‌ Forex traders. The website​ offers an extensive collection of trading​ tools and‌ resources, reviews⁣ of different‍ brokers​ and access to⁣ forums. All of these features allow traders to easily stay ‌on top of‍ the latest news and happenings in ⁣the Forex world.‌ Furthermore, the site’s extensive resources and tools⁣ ensure traders can stay up to date with the market ⁤and consistently⁢ make profitable‍ decisions.


Dukascopy ‍is an online broker specializing in Forex trading. It’s an⁣ international broker, ‍based in ⁢Switzerland, which serves customers ⁢in⁣ more than⁢ 140 countries. The company has been around ​since 2004. ‌It ⁢provides customers with a variety of trading tools and resources, such as charting software, news streams, and analysis. It also offers competitive spreads ​and excellent customer⁢ service. But is Dukascopy the right‍ trading platform for ⁢you? Let’s ‌take ⁤a look at what ‍Dukascopy offers to traders in⁣ terms of features and performance.⁣


Dukascopy provides a host⁤ of trading features designed to ‍give traders an extra edge.⁣ It ​offers lot size, indicators, and an undock chart ⁤feature that​ lets you customize your orders. You can also⁤ take advantage⁣ of Dukascopy’s excellent ‍customer ‌service, which is available‌ 24/7. Plus, the broker ‍is connected to the ​banking system ⁢of the ​Swiss Foreign Exchange Market, so ‌you can rest assured that⁤ the pricing⁢ and execution‌ will be as accurate and precise as possible.

Dukascopy Forex Peace Army Review

When⁤ it comes to ‍customer reviews for Dukascopy, the Forex Peace Army (FPA) has mixed opinions. Some customers are happy with ⁣the ⁤service they received, while others are not. The majority of negative reviews are complaints about‍ Dukascopy’s execution and order placement during news events. Some customers claim that the broker ‍automatically changed‍ their buy⁣ stop order ⁢to a buy⁣ limit order without their permission. Others have experienced slippage and high spreads.

Overall, ⁤it’s important ⁤to remember that no broker is perfect. Dukascopy has its strengths ⁣and weaknesses,​ and it’s ⁢up to you ​to ⁤decide if the service is right for your needs. That said, it is important to‌ take the ⁢time to read reviews from other customers in⁢ order to make an informed decision. The FPA is an invaluable⁣ resource for that purpose.

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