3 Candle Trading for Forex Trading: A Comprehensive Guide

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Overview of 3 Candle Trading Forex.

Forex trading is exchanging one currency for another to generate profits. Forex, also known as FX, is a portmanteau of the words foreign and exchange. Trading Forex consists of buying and selling two different currencies at once and profiting off the difference between their prices. 3 Candle Trading is a popular strategy used by many FX traders to identify buy and sell signals from the chart.

What is 3 Candle Trading?

3 Candle Trading is a trading strategy that utilizes the behavior of the candle patterns to identify potential buy and sell signals in the Forex market. By analyzing the chart, traders can look for signals when a certain pattern of candles appears. This strategy is employed by many traders looking for short-term moves in the Forex markets. It relies on the specific three candle pattern to identify when a trend might be reversing or when an entry point may be found.

How to Utilize 3 Candle Trading

The three candle pattern is a simple technique to analyze potential trades. This strategy begins with the first candle moving in a certain direction, either up or down. The second candle then reverses the direction of the first, and the third candle should move in the opposite direction of the first two. If the pattern of the candles continues in this trend, then a buy or sell signal will be triggered depending on which direction the candles lead.

To take advantage of this situation, traders should first determine a set of rules that will help them identify the pattern. This may include understanding the market, the candle parameters, and how the signals should be interpreted. The goal is to identify a potential entry point as quickly as possible. There are various parameters of candle patterns, such as the size and color of the candles, that can help traders identify success.

Risks of 3 Candle Forex Trading

It is important to keep in mind that 3 Candle Forex Trading is a speculative strategy which carries associated risks. When using this strategy, it is important to have a clear exit plan in case the market does not move in the direction anticipated. As with any trading strategy, it is important to have a plan and to stick with it no matter what the outcome. Going in with too much risk can be dangerous and should be avoided to ensure success.

Additionally, it is important to note that the signals arising from the 3 candle pattern are not certain, and hence there is no guarantee of success when using this strategy. It is also important to use this method in conjunction with other trading strategies to reduce the amount of risk taken on. While 3 candle trading is often used in short-term plays, it is important not to get overly aggressive when entering into trades.


In conclusion, 3 candle trading Forex is a popular approach used by many traders to identify potential buy and sell signals in the market. By understanding the parameters of this strategy, as well as the associated risks, traders can make more informed decisions about when to enter and exit a trade. Although there are no guarantees that a pattern will give an accurate signal, having a strong trading plan can help increase the chances of success. As with any trading strategy, it is important to take all of the risks into account prior to entering a trade. This is a great way to get involved in the financial markets without having to risk a lot of money. With candle trading, you can analyze the price of a security and form a position based on the general trend of the market. You can also use technical indicators to determine when to enter and exit a trade. Candle trading is an effective strategy for both day traders and swing traders, as it relies on price action to determine entry and exit points. While it is not considered an exact science, it can be a great way to become familiar with the markets and improve your trading skills.

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